Based in Melbourne, OTS Developments specialises in the construction of cutting edge commercial and residential architectural projects across Melbourne. Through our professionalism and dedication to excellence, we strive to always maintain close interaction and communication with all our clients to ensure a high standard of success and delivery of projects.

As a business, we can assign one-on-one time to each and every one of our clients and place a strong emphasis on positive working relationships with clients, architects and key stakeholders to help create commercial properties and homes that are price competitive and of a high standard. We are committed to sustainable building construction, incorporating the latest sustainable products, recycled materials and building techniques.


We are committed to listening to our clients needs and ensuring that all construction projects are completed to the highest quality, exceeding client expectations with a view that anything is possible. As specialists in commercial property, our building experience and project management skills can help deliver a truly outstanding custom designed commercial building.




OTS Developments are a leading authority in commercial property, specialising from new builds through to creative fit outs. We cater to all types of commercial construction services including commercial refurbishments and fit outs from small to medium through to new construction.


With extensive experience in commercial building projects including restaurants, bars, retail fit outs, office remodelling, building overhauls and modernising pre-existing buildings into flexible commercial spaces, we are committed to meeting every clients needs and transforming spaces into an architectural work of art. We are a conscientious company, embracing green building principles through our use of recycled materials and construction practices that use sustainable products for bespoke projects.



OTS Developments implement traditional restoration practices with contemporary design and functionality.


Our expertise can be used to restore immaculate, timeless and original features as well as modern building structures depending on your style and choice. Working with recycled timbers and products also helps to maintain our passion for sustainable building and green living.